How To Help

A lot of us are wondering how we can help out our new refugees.
The emphasis has been on the Syrian Crisis, but there are folks from all over the world who are trying to find a new life here in Canada.
We all know how difference can lead to isolation.
More than anything, people of all ages need community and friendship.
You don’t need to be a group. You don’t need to be a sponsor.
You can just be a friendly neighbour.

It could be as simple as inviting a newcomer to dinner, or accepting an invitation.
Open yourself up. It’ll change your life.
And it may change someone else’s, too.
Don’t be shy! It’s easy!
Know someone? Reach out!
Met someone? Tell us about it! (share and tag us on social media)
Looking for someone? Check our links to find out how to connect.
Got a great idea? Share it with us on social
let’s make .com be about community!
or keep it private… we know you are out there, and we know that you care.

Check out our Facebook page for our inaugural kitchen party in Vancouver
there are some links there
We are just beginning
and we want to grow a community of caring.
Let’s be the country we say we are.